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Head Start

Head Start is the national commitment to give every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, an opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

As a federally funded program, Head Start targets preschool age children (3 and 4 year olds) and their families who may benefit most, such as children from low-income families, foster care, recipients of public assistance, those experiencing homelessness or children with special needs.

The classrooms design provide rich learning experiences supporting all areas of child development. Degreed teachers conduct developmental assessments using the results to create an individualized approach for each child. Learning experiences are adapted as children make progress towards outlined goals and increased as children master skills needed for school readiness.

No other early childhood program seeks at-risk children and families and provides the depth, breadth, and scope of services that Head Start does. The extraordinary commitment to helping children and families be successful makes Head Start vital to our community.

There is no cost to families to participate in the Head Start program.

Children 3 or 4 years of age may be eligible for Head Start. We encourage you to complete an application: Contact Us.

Great Start Readiness Program

The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is Michigan's state-funded preschool program for four-year-old children.

Highly qualified teachers offer curricula proven to help prepare children for kindergarten academically, socially and emotionally.

One or more of the following circumstances may qualify a child for the no cost GSRP program:

• Family income less than 250% of federal poverty level
• English as a Second Language
• Low educational attainment of parent/guardian
• Child abuse/neglect
• Disability or developmental delay
• Environmental risks

Children 4 years of age, on or before September 1, may be eligible for GSRP.

We encourage you to complete an application: Contact Us.

Parent Pay Programs (Tuition Based)

BHK provides enrollment opportunities to families who are willing to pay for their child's early education experience or would like extended hours of care beyond the funded (free) hours.

If adult-to-child ratio, space and classroom dynamics allows, tuition based enrollments will be accepted to fill a classroom once funded enrollments slots are filled.

Once your child is accepted, your family will be required to pay the weekly tuition fee to maintain enrollment. In order to provide consistent and quality care for all children, schedules cannot vary from week to week.

BHK's current rate is $4.25/hour for children in infant-toddler classrooms and $4.00/hour for preschool.

For more information or to apply for enrollment: Contact Us

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